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TESLA Bio Healing Life Force Energy

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Harnessing the Forces of Nature

Life Force Energy is a natural vital substance that all biological systems produce and utilize for optimal functioning. Tesla Bio Healers offer enhanced levels of Life Force Energy to support cellular self-repair naturally, non-invasively, and effectively. 

Life Force Energy has been known as Tesla Energy, Scalar Energy, Zero Point Energy, Chi, Ki, Prana, and more. It is the vital energy innate in all living things and available to us within the environment. By harnessing this Life Force Energy and delivering it for therapeutic purposes, a great deal of healing can take place. Tesla BioHealing has created breakthrough medical devices that have the unique ability of generating a highly concentrated field of pure Life Force Energy so that people in need can finally use this vital force of nature for self-healing purposes.

Tesla Bio Healing technology is a data-driven, natural, safe, and highly effective health solution. Based upon Nikola Tesla’s original discoveries “harnessing the forces of nature to the service of mankind”.  Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices create their own environments of pure Life Force Energy, offering a much higher concentration of this natural healing force than is available in everyday environments. Once a person or pet is within this potent field of Life Force Energy, the body can absorb this vital energy at will and as needed just like it does every day, only now there is much more available for the cells of the body to benefit from. Once the body is given enough Life Force Energy to work with, cellular self-repair mechanisms can begin to activate much faster and more profoundly than previously was possible.  


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Tesla Bio Healers for Adults are portable devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy offering a powerful and practical health solution for those in need. Tesla Bio Healers are recommended for people with mild to moderate conditions and diseases but can be compounded to address more severe situations. Using multiple Tesla Bio Healers in conjunction with one another amplifies the Life Force Energy field offering a more powerful solution for people who would benefit from even more cellular support.

$599.00 call +1-239-776-2211 for client discount

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Tesla Bio Healers for Pets  The known benefits of Life Force Energy for humans have also been noted for animals. Life Force Energy can nourish your pet's cells the same way as occurs for providing cellular support to the human body. Owners who used BioHealers for Pets have said that their beloved animals with various medical conditions regained energy, were in less pain, had shinier coats, and even that old dogs started behaving like puppies again!

$499.00 call +1-239-776-2211 for client discount

Phases of Recovery

Phase 1: Recharge

The cells of the body are able to recharge themselves due to increased levels of Life Force Energy available in the environment provided by Tesla BioHealing medical devices. This leads to early signs of efficacy due to the cells having enough energy to start functioning more optimally. Early signs of efficacy typically occur within the first few days or weeks of use, and can include but are not limited to: (1) pain reduction; (2) better sleep; (3) vivid dreams, indicating enhanced brain activity; (4) fresh energy; (5) libido increase, (6) easy bowel movement; (7) easier breathing, (8) mental clarity, (9) normalized blood glucose; (10) normalized blood pressure, etc.

In the recharge phase, cells will uptake as much of the Life Force Energy as they need from the amount that is available. This initial utilization of increased levels of Life Force Energy empowers the cells to start activating their self-healing mechanisms. The recharge phase typically occurs very quickly, and people begin to notice that they are feeling better soon after they start to use Tesla BioHealing technology as their cells absorb more and more of this healing Life Force Energy.

Phase 2: Targeted Cellular Repair

Once the system is sufficiently recharged, the cells can begin their repair phase. In the repair phase of recovery not only are the cells able to become energized for optimal functioning, but they are also able to be repaired and restructured in order to stabilize you into a new state of wellbeing.

The repair phase is targeted in various parts of the system by the body’s own innate intelligence depending upon where the most amount of healing is needed. The more Life Force Energy available, the more repair throughout the body that the cells are able to activate concurrently. Cellular repair in various parts of the body begins to activate once the cellular tissue has absorbed enough Life Force Energy to begin repairing and restructuring in order to allow the body to reach a new level of health, even beyond the improvements experienced in the initial recharge phase.

Phase 3 – Health Maintenance & Continuous Cellular Support

Once the repair phase has allowed the body to recover to a great extent and stabilize in a new state of wellbeing, the maintenance phase can begin. Since Tesla BioHealing is so easy to use and does not require any change to your lifestyle, we recommend keeping the technology as an asset to your overall wellbeing even after reaching a consistent state of health. Life Force Energy can be an important factor that slows down your aging process, as well as provide many other long term health benefits. Cellular support is very important throughout life and the Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing medical devices offers an easy way to provide your body with the optimal environment for continued vitality and wellness.

Once cells have been recharged and the cellular tissue repaired, increased levels of energy, significant pain relief, and overall health improvements begin to become more and more remarkable. When the cells gain further energy, a deeper level of cellular recharge and repair may take place to further strengthen the body. If this occurs, the body’s cells will become even more optimized, thus continuously continuing the cycle of healing, as the body’s innate intelligence continues to use the Life Force Energy available to scan your system on an ongoing basis for any cellular repair that needs to take place.

Scientific Studies report & show the known benefits of the Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing Over The Counter Medical devices to include but not limited to:

  • Recharging the energetic state of all cells of the body directly allowing the cells to activate their own self-repair mechanisms.

  • Increasing the millivolt levels of the cells from as little as 15 millivolts up to the optimal healthy range of 70-90 millivolts.

  • Increasing Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels naturally. ATP is known as the energy carrying molecule of the cell found in all forms of life.

  • Increasing cellular repair rates while decreasing and even ceasing cellular destruction rates

  • Facilitating DNA synthesis and the natural production of stem cells

  • Strengthening the cells’ resistance to harmful environmental factors such as man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiation.

  • Harmonizing the hemispheres of the brain and acting as a natural anti-depressant.

  • Facilitating a natural sense of calm and improving quality of sleep.

  • Improving mental clarity and cognitive function.

  • Normalizing blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels.

  • Increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation thus facilitating the distribution of oxygen and providing a great deal of pain relief.

  • Boosting libido and enhancing sexual health including improving fertility.

  • Improving cell wall permeability thus enhancing nutritional intake as well as the body’s natural detoxification processes.

  • Strengthening the immune system and protecting DNA from damage by increasing the energy of the hydrogen bonds that hold DNA together.

  • Energizes the body naturally by increasing cellular energy directly, thus reducing fatigue while increasing strength and vitality.

Safety Notice: FDA registered Over-the-Counter (OTC) medical devices are not recommended for pregnant women or children under the age of 5.  Any recommendation is not a substitute for your doctor's treatment. Outcomes vary individually.

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