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About our Founder

Thank you for visiting our site and your interest to learn a bit about us. Access Holistic Healing & Hypnosis was founded by Michele Durham at one time serving our country in the US Army, now serving humanity.  

As a child I lived in England & France & was very much impressioned with a different way to live, I attended the American school of Paris with children from all over the world - before America became more open like it is today. After finishing high school in America, I joined the Army where I served in Berlin, Germany during the cold war as a computer operator on Teufelsberg possessing a top secret/SBI clearance - with that being said, you can be assured that our connection is 100% confidential and with someone who genuinely cares. I earned a MBA degree in computers, but knew that facilitating healing in others was my calling from a very young age, but had 3 children to raise, so I continued studies in computers & healing.  


In 2007, I had an eye opening one car accident, and then in 2010 took action due to my own health & wellness challenges/opportunities and of those closest to me.  I have been expanding my skillset & toolbox while concluding my 19+ years with Ford Motor Company as an I.T. contractor in 2017. I am a forever student, love learning & teaching.


In 2011, I lived in Shanghai, China - traveling much throughout asia & middle east & finally 2014-2017 lived in Cologne, Germany; all while traveling to 24 countries throughout the globe experiencing & learning different healing modalities of the mind, body and spirit. I take a holistic approach to life & practice different forms of yoga, meditation, and now practicing natural health based on ancient wisdom from the east combined with modern western science as I became a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner knowing & seeing that we all have the ability to heal within... allow us to facilitate your healing now.


We combine science & spirituality to offer services such as hypnosis, online or in person, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), QHHT, nutrition & wellness coaching, Access Bars® sessions & classes, light & sound therapy for mind & body, private & small group meditations, medical grade near- mid- & far-infrared light dry sauna therapy, halotherapy (dry salt booth), gsr bioscan, natures sunshine supplements, plant therapy essential oils, crystals & books. You can even purchase some of the technology for use in the comfort of your home on your time schedule at our special client only pricing (discounted from retail)!


We are happy to say we are back in Naples, Florida as of February 2022 - a diamond in the rough. Having the privilege & pleasure of working with a tribe of conscious healers globally who are some of the most beautiful & ascended souls on this planet now.


In Service.

Love & Light

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