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Guided Meditations

Meditation vs (Self) Hypnosis

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Meditation is just another means of entering theta brainwave state and (self)hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all experience on a daily basis, driving, watching tv, reading etc.


(Self)hypnosis has an end goal in mind – by first erasing old programs like on a computer hard drive - your brain is the hard drive the programs can be viruses that keep us blocked - and then reinstalling new software to do what it is that you want to accomplish such as make you more confident, help you to overcome fear/anxiety, to cope with everyday stresses, rediscover your inner wisdom, develop better eating patterns, sleep better, stop smoking, lose weight, improve sports performance, improve test taking, etc.; whatever it is… you enter (self)hypnosis with a goal in mind. Hypnosis done with a certified National Guild Hypnotist is best to help you accomplish these goals in a fully confidential, safe, time efficient & effective manner.


Meditation, on the other hand, has no particular goal other than in its purest form, it is the complete emptying of the mind. The end game for true meditation is to be able to free the mind completely of all thoughts & achieve theta brainwave state allowing the body & mind to relax & heal. There are different steps towards this pure state of mind which usually involve trying to concentrate on and contemplate just one thing. This could be an object, shape, color, a word, etc. which you meditate (focus) on. Picturing it very clearly in your mind, thinking about the nature of that object, what it is made of, it's shape, color, form, what it is like inside and out, how it was created…indeed everything about it. The aim is that you keep your mind totally focused on that one object for the duration of the meditation and think of nothing else at all. Guided Meditations by Michele are the ideal way to learn how to experience this in a safe comfortable environment of unconditional love.


As our world becomes more aware practicing yoga and the like to calm the mind, meditation is used frequently when referring to deep relaxation. Both meditation and self-hypnosis induce extremely beneficial deeply relaxing and calming states of mind & body that can help you get through your day in a positive, calm and stress-free way. Meditation can take years to master, but both practices require practice…like playing an instrument.


You can learn in person or online with the assistance of a live hypnotist to guide you and keep you on track while you learn to master it on your own.


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