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TESLA Hyperlight Eyewear

Engineered in Switzerland - Made in Europe 

THE® Glasses provide active hyperlight therapy on a quantum level to protect, revitalize and regulate biostructures and physiological processes throughout the body.

THE® Glasses protect against harmful indoor radiation from artificial light sources that we are exposed around the clock (LED, neon, electronic devices, etc.) as well as sunlight’s harmful radiation. 


The symmetry and dynamics of Fullerene C60 correspond to those of healthy biostructures. With its quantum properties (including uniquely rotation-twist of 18 billion times per second), the C60 transmits information to bio-structures at the quantum level. This Hyper-harmonized light is efficiently integrated with biostructures through Resonance Principles. Hyper-harmonized light can restore disturbed biostructures, bringing them back to a healthy, natural state. Through this process, THE® protect, revitalize, regulate all physiological processes to restore optimal health:

See more - Think faster - Feel better - Perform at your best

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Quantum Hyperlight is created by passing light through the BIOPTRON Hyperlight Optics® lens, which has positive effects for both vision and brain function. This contributes to improvements in one’s general physical and mental state, thereby optimizing bodily functions.

• Enhanced concentration, attention and memory

• Faster and better decisions

• Optimal mental performance during periods of intense mental overload

• Increased productivity and efficiency

THE® Glasses provide a sharper image (even in poor light conditions) and contribute to better and faster decision-making, thus making us more efficient, successful and more relaxed in everyday professional and leisure activities.

• Reduce light scattering inside the eye

• Improve visual acuity

• Increase contrast sensitivity and color intensity, and reduce reflection

• Eliminate fatigue and discomfort in the eyes

• Prevent the blinding effects of sudden bright light

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