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During a bioscan, the Hand Cradle measures your body's galvanic skin response (GSR). The data gathered is evaluated by the software in the context of various digital signatures called Virtual Items and a report is generated. 


1. Gain insight into your wellness

The report will give us insight to keep you functioning at an optimal state and make individual wellness choices. 

2. Identify your biological coherence for nutrition

This may help you in choosing the nutritional supplements that will support your health and wellness needs.


3. Save money

Knowing your biological coherence helps you to choose products that are right for you. Your investments are more likely to pay off, while providing you with benefits you do need. 

4. Target specific areas

From energy to weight management to longevity and more, a bioscan can assist. Virtual Items in the software are categorized in different wellness areas, so you can scan for what is relevant to you and your goals. 

5. Track your wellness 

Tracking your scans over time can allow you to identify trends or long-term patters that you will want to pay particular attention to

6. Get a peace of mind

GSR Bioscans introduce a new perspective about your unique biological coherence, enabling a more complete picture of wellness and giving you added peace. 


What is the TECHNOLOGY?

How does it work?

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