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Twelve Dimensions to the Human Potential by Ray Sette- 

The world around us is teetering on the edge between annihilation and salvation. And we, the people, have the power within ourselves to tip the scale one way or the other. Global changes are necessary, but we must first look to change ourselves, reach our human potential as individuals, before we can affect the community around us. In The Planets Align So Rare, you will discover that all of our human potential already lies within the fabric of our being; we only need to choose to make it real. Learn how to: empower yourself; achieve your personal and professional potential; live a happier, balanced life; and help create a more peaceful, loving world. By learning and implementing these life-changing ideas, you will undergo an emotional and spiritual evolution that will radiate outward to others. We are all leaders of this world and thus responsible for the global evolution that must take place to ensure humanity's survival.

Twelve Dimensions to the Human Potential by Ray Sette

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