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The prostate massage device MAVIT (ULP -01) in clinic and home for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis (including adenoma). Medical practice has shown that the traditional treatment of these ailments painful, costly and not always effective. Therefore, with the participation of urologists, we have developed best prostate massager MAVIT, which is able to fully cope with the diseases of the prostate due to the complex therapy with drugs. Preventive courses reduce the likelihood of relapse is practically zero. Men's prostate massager MAVIT improves the patient's well-being, reduces inflammation and restores the function of the prostate and enhances the action of drugs. The prostate massage device MAVIT has a therapeutic effect on the prostate gland by three effects: heat, pulsed magnetic field and a soft vibration massage. Therapeutic effect resulting from prostate massage device MAVIT local physical exposure directly to the prostate is due to the improvement of tissue microcirculation in the prostate and per prostatic formations, analgesic effect under vibration and pulsed magnetic field factors, reduction of spasmodic and edematous components associated with prostate inflammatory process. These effects are realized by complex simultaneous action of hyperthermia, vibration and pulsed magnetic field on prostate tissue and nervous structures involved in the pelvic nervous plexus which are easily accessible for the service area of MAVIT probe-applicator.


  • High therapeutic efficacy in treating chronic prostatitis;
  • Significant reduction of treatment period;
  • Stable therapeutic effect after the course of treatment;
  • Increased effect of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents;
  • The procedures do not cause rectum irritation.

Eliminates the inflammation of the prostate gland, improves the functional state of prostate. To enter, microcirculation blood flow in the prostate gland and stimulates the immune system in the surrounding tissues. Increases concentration of antibiotics in their application. It has trophic- regenerative effect. It has anti-inflammatory, decongestant and sedative effect. Relieves pain, relieves discomfort. It stimulates the contractile ability of muscle cells of the prostate and pelvic floor muscles, restores their tone and promotes adequate evacuation secret. It relieves symptoms of lower urinary tract irritation. Reduces the frequency of urination, increases the pressure of the urine stream. It has effect on prostate tissue and prostate nerve plexus structures. Restores the functions of male reproductive organs, increases the potency.


The Prostate Massage Device MAVIT so far has no analogs and is designed to help you with urology treatments. The device allows to conduct complex physiotherapeutic treatment using strictly dosed effect on the prostate with three physical factors (heat, magnetics and vibro massage).

  • A significant improvement occurs after only a few treatments.
  • You can treat prostatitis without the help of outsiders.
  • Not only eliminates prostate issue, but also improves the sex life!
  • Created from a material that does not cause discomfort during medical procedures.
  • It does not require special medical knowledge and skills.

Long-term clinical trials in leading clinics of Russia, Europe, China, India, Israel and Australia show excellent results. Side effects were not identified. Get prostate massage device MAVIT and be healthy again! The prostate massage device MAVIT (ULP -01) in clinic and home for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis (including adenoma).


PEMF Device: Mavit - for Prostate

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