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Use Your Senses to Stop a Panic Attack

Anxiety can creep up on you at any time. It's how you handle it that makes a difference. There are so many articles out there on how to do this, but one that has worked - at least for this writer - is using the senses.

Panic attacks can make you feel like you are sitting outside of yourself. Like your brain triggers your body to react and then your brain joins in the downward spiral and it keeps going until you're in a full panic attack. It's like you are out of control.

But, my dear friend, you actually have ALL of the control.

Every one of your senses can help pull you out of a panic or anxiety attack no matter where you are. The best part is - it's free and no one will ever know you are doing it! You can do this at your desk at school, in an office meeting, on a bus, on an airplane.. really you can do this anywhere.

So, how do you use your senses to control anxious thoughts and feelings?

Scent: Stop and try to smell every single scent you can possibly smell around you. Try to assign it a color or feeling such as "Green and Yucky" or "Yellow and Citrus-y (is that a word?)".

Sight: Look around you. What do you see? To narrow this down, try to find everything around you that is blue. Then, go through other colors. Try to spot as many birds as you can. Try to name and number trees around you.

Touch: How does the ground feel under your feet? Are you sitting on something soft and comfy? Get into the sunshine - can you feel the sun on your face?

Taste: Pop a mint into your mouth, chew some cinnamon gum, taste the salt in the air near a beach, use ice cubes to cool your mouth. Notice the flavors, textures and sensations.

Hear: Close your eyes (if you can in your situation - not when driving of course) and try to hear EVERY SINGLE THING AROUND YOU. A lawn mower, cars on the highway, a child laughing, a door closing, a tv on, etc. etc. I used to play thig game with my daughters when they were little. It's actually quite fun to do.

By using your senses, it can help pop you out or prevent a panic attack. It grounds you into the present and into your body. I've found this method to be very effective in situations where I felt trapped and knew I was going down that path to an anxiety attack.

I understand that this is a distraction method, which can help in a pinch. But, to become fully "cured" of what caused this in the first place, you'll need to do the work like I did. GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE!

You can do this through good nutrition, meditation, yoga, walking every day, getting sunshine, a little hypnosis, a little light therapy, detoxifying my body, and a LOT of love for yourself.

Here at Access Holistic Healing, we have many healing modalities to help you in decreasing panic attacks and your generalized anxiety. Call us today and we'll help guide you.

I've healed from the root cause of my anxiety and panic. And I know you will too!


Author: Audrey Cowan

Access Holistic Healing is a center in Naples, Fl that helps people in their wellness journey through healing the mind, body, and spirit through its many services. You deserve a life of joy and wellness.

Call us today for a consultation: 239-776-2211

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