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Homeopath Remedies by Bozena

As an Indigo child I have been

sensitive and clairvoyant since very

early childhood. When other girls

picked flowers I rather picked herbs

and made decorations with them or

let them dry for the winter time or

even did “life elixirs”- was what 

I called them when little.
I had luck and grew up in one of the

clearest and cleanest part of our

beautiful Mother Earth in Poland.

My third eye is open. In nature I find

not only my peace but also I feel the

frequency of animals and plants.
The ability of being clairvoyant I see

as a gift from our good God which

gives me the possibility to feel human beings in a special way: I feel the energetic field of people and see the hole in them. Those are blockages, which do not allow people to live their own life. I can help solve the problems so that the energy can flow.
Sometimes it needs a little touch, a little breath of energy of a healer and the self-healing power can work again.

Additionally to my natural gift I learned TCM, nutrition, Quantum Healing, Kinesiology, Access Bars® and now the method of New Homeopathy, which allows me to work on all possible levels of the human body, which is like an onion and it is always worth to act on all that levels.


You are very welcome.                                      Thank You,

                                                                               Bozena F.

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