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About Marisol

Hi, my name is Marisol, I am a holistic practitioner specializing in Hypnosis, EFT or Tapping, Mindfulness, I am also Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, and Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator in the area of Naples, Florida. 

I enjoy supporting people in stopping the daily emotional self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that are the cause of unnecessary suffering.  There are sometimes energies stuck in our energetic body that triggers a negative response in our bodies causing us to feel uneasy, sad, anxious, or have feelings of low self-worth. 

For example, with Hypnosis we go deep into the sub-conscious mind to re-program thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and limiting beliefs that are running in automatic pilot.   While the client is in a very state of relaxation we can do a process where we easily suggest the new changes and benefits that the client desires.   


My Story

My own personal life experiences led me to what I now call a “Holistic Practitioner”. Growing up in a dysfunctional environment led me to this journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-care.   So, at age 33 my journey began, my own personal journey of self-recovery and started working on my own personal healing through therapy, coaching, and new holistic modalities at the time.  I had already completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Management and that degree allowed me to work in the corporate world for 21 years.  Then, I decided a few years later to go back to school to learn more about healing touch, holistic approach, mindfulness, and how body/mind/and spirit are so connected.  The first step into healing is making that personal decision to change for the better.  I welcome you to explore healing.  

With much Love,

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