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About Marisol

My name is Marisol, I am a holistic practitioner specializing in Hypnosis, Mindfulness, I am a Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, and Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator in the area of Naples, Florida.  My passion is helping people to stop the daily emotional self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that are the cause of unnecessary suffering.  There are sometimes energies stuck in our Chakra or energy system that triggers a negative response in our bodies causing us to feel uneasy, sad, anxious, or have feelings of low self-worth.  My experience as an energy healer, your willingness to heal, will support you to ease some of these painful memories and free you from all the imbalance in the body. 

                                                                  My Story

My own personal life experiences led me to what I now call a “Holistic Practitioner”. Growing up in a dysfunctional environment led me to this journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-care.  Growing up in a hostile, abusive home where verbal and physical abuse was an everyday show, and by being exposed to witnessing this daily violence as a child it made me feel and believe I was the cause of all that suffering.  As a child and even as a young adult, I always felt these strong emotions  an empty gap in my stomach, always anxious, feeling depressed, feeling broken, not enough and confused.  I constantly had all of these questions within me that were never completely answered by anyone I knew, and at the end of the day would leave me in a state of anguish, feeling trapped and lonely.  I continued my life thinking that this was a normal way of living, and started going from one dysfunctional relationship to another, different characters, same result.  Exposing myself to the same abuse as when I was a child, repeating the same patterns of verbal and physical abuse from partners at that time, I thought that kind of treatment was normal, and what I deserved.  So, at age 33 I decided something had to change, and began my own personal journey of self-recovery and started working on my own personal healing through therapy, coaching, and new holistic modalities at the time.  I had already completed my Bachelor Degree in Business Management and that degree allowed me to work in the corporate world for 21 years.  Then, I decided a few years later to go back to school to learn more about healing touch, holistic approach, mindfulness, and how body/mind/and spirit are so connected.  Since then, I have received training and certifications in Hypnosis certified by the National Guild of Hypnotist, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, Reiki Master Energy Healing, and BARS® Facilitator through Access Consciousness.  All of these techniques/modalities have helped me recover from daily suffering and helped me find myself and the deep love within that is there for us all.  All of these tools have helped me heal my own pain, understand everything at a deeper level.  Now, I can offer the art of healing to my clients or anyone in need of these services.  The first step into healing is making that decision to change for the better, understand that everyone has a journey and while we are on this earth know that we all deserve to be truly happy and live in peace and harmony.  I believe my own emotional pain and suffering brought me here.  As I continue to grow and evolve, my goal is to dedicate my life to this beautiful work of helping others heal their own emotional pain and show them that there is still hope.   

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With much Love,

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