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Let there be Light

What do the Numbers Mean?

Visible light has tiny wavelengths which range from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter. A billionth of a meter is called a nanometer, or nm. White light contains all the colors of the rainbow, and a color can be defined by the range of these tiny wavelengths in nanometers (nm) like this:


violet 380–450 nm

blue 450–495 nm

green 495–570 nm

yellow 570–590 nm

orange 590–620 nm

red 620–750 nm

“415nm irradiation” is violet light,. However, calling it “radiation” makes it sound potentially dangerous and expensive, but “radiation” is just light energy and it’s not dangerous or expensive and is quite healing!

How does Light Benefit Us?

What are the Risks?

  1. 100% natural.

  2. Drug free.

  3. Chemical free.

  4. Non-invasive - no needles or knives.

  5. Non-ablative - does not damage the skin.

  6. Painless - does not itch, burn or sting.

  7. Requires zero downtime.

  8. Safe for all skin types.

  9. Safe for wound healing.

  10. Safe for all ages of people and pets!

  11. No adverse short or long term side effects- cells will absorb as much as they need and then just stop absorbing.

  12. Easily self-administered in your own home.

  13. FDA approved.

  14. Made in USA.

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